As is his custom, former president Barack Obama released a list of books he’s reading in a Facebook post on Sunday. Obama’s summer-reading lists, coupled with assessments of the books he and Michelle Obama bought on visits to bookstores, became an expected part of his presidency, lifting relatively obscure authors and issues to national attention.

President Trump has not done so — at least not formally. He’s not known to be a voracious reader, repeatedly telling audiences during the 2016 campaign that his two favorite books were “The Art of the Deal” and the Bible, two books in which an author or authors writing on another’s behalf outline a particular view of proper behavior.

Trump has, however, repeatedly promoted books on his Twitter account, forming a sort of rolling book recommendation list. In the interests of making those recommendations more accessible, we’ve compiled them into a more structured format, complete with links. We’ve broken them out into two categories: those books written by friends and political allies of his; and those books written by journalists who’ve been friendly to him. In each section, the books are in chronological order of Trump’s tweets about them.

Books written by friends and political allies

Downey is the wife of “Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett and one of the few people who Trump follows on Twitter.

What the publisher says about the book: “Reminiscent of the message of her popular television series, ‘Touched by an Angel,’ this book’s central theme is that there is a God, He loves you, and that even in your most difficult moments, He is by your side. That though you may feel alone, you are never truly alone.”

What Trump says: “Great book!”

Ratings: One Trump tweet. Five stars on Amazon.

Puzder was briefly in the running for a position in Trump’s Cabinet, withdrawing his nomination to serve as labor secretary after reports of his hiring undocumented immigrants and questions about his behavior during his marriage.

What the publisher says about the book: “[L]eftist forces in the United States have been seeking to tarnish the pursuit of prosperity and to paint profit as an evil motivation fit only for greedy plutocrats. Andrew Puzder understands this first-hand after a progressive smear campaign stopped him from joining President Trump’s cabinet. As Puzder explains in his new book, THE CAPITALIST COMEBACK, this was an act of desperation from a left wing facing irrelevance with a pro-business president in the White House.”

What Trump says: “Great book just out by very successful businessman Andy Puzder.”

Ratings: One Trump tweet. Four stars on Amazon.

Spicer is Trump’s former press secretary and, before that, worked as a strategist for the Republican Party during the 2016 campaign.

What the publisher says about the book: “When he accepted the job, Spicer was far from a household name. But then he walked into the bright lights of the briefing room, and the cameras started rolling. His every word was scrutinized. Every movement was parodied. Every detail became a meme. And that’s just the public side. Behind the scenes, things were almost as difficult in an administration plagued by leaks that frustrated and angered both Spicer and the president. Not to mention the extraordinary pressures on Spicer’s family and his faith.”

What Trump says: “[A] story told with both heart and knowledge. Really good, go get it!” (This tweet came before the book’s release.)

Ratings: One Trump tweet. Three-and-a-half stars on Amazon.

Dershowitz has emerged as one of Trump’s most fervent defenders on cable news shows, both because he dismisses questions about Trump’s actions and because, as Trump is quick to note in his tweet promoting the book, Dershowitz voted for Trump’s opponent.

What the publisher says about the book: “The Case Against Impeaching Trump seeks to reorient the debate over impeachment to the same standard that Dershowitz has continued to uphold for decades: the law of the United States of America, as established by the Constitution.”

What Trump says: “[A] new and very important book.”

We’ll note that the Amazon page also quotes Trump’s tweet about the book, writing, “He has written a new and very important book called The Case Against Impeaching Trump, which I would encourage all people . . . to read!”

What’s missing in that ellipsis: “all people with Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Ratings: Two Trump tweets. Four stars on Amazon.

Books written by friendly journalists

Brody works for the Christian Broadcasting Network and conducted friendly interviews with Trump before and after his election.

What the publisher says about the book: “Donald J. Trump was raised as a Presbyterian and has praised both Christianity and the primacy of the Bible. In the Oval Office, he has surrounded himself with close advisors who share his deep faith. In this deeply reported book, David Brody and Scott Lamb draw on unparalleled access to the White House to explain President Trump’s connection to the Christian faith, the evangelical right, the prosperity gospel, and the pressing moral and ethical issues of our day.”

What Trump says: “A very interesting read.”

Ratings: One Trump tweet. Three stars on Amazon.

Trump’s tweet endorsing the book gives a hint at the reason for it: Carr, Trump writes, “was a great help.”

What the publisher says about the book: “New York Times bestselling author Howie Carr chronicles the historic election of President Donald J. Trump. This is the inside, no-holds-barred story of Trump’s rise from a celebrity business mogul to the White House as told by a veteran journalist who was in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign from day one.”

What Trump says: “Everyone is talking about” the book.

Ratings: One Trump tweet. Five stars on Amazon.

Jarrett is an analyst and former weekend anchor for Fox News who regularly comes to Trump’s defense.

What the publisher says about the book: “Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett reveals the real story behind Hillary Clinton’s deep state collaborators in government and exposes their nefarious actions during and after the 2016 election.”

What Trump says: Trump has tweeted about Jarrett’s book repeatedly, saying:

  • “A MUST READ!”
  • “Looks like a real deal big hit.”
  • “A great book that everyone is talking about.”
  • “Hard work from a brilliant guy.”

Ratings: Five Trump tweets. Four-and-a-half stars on Amazon.

Earhardt is a host on “Fox and Friends,” Trump’s go-to early morning cable news show.

What the publisher says about the book: “From her insightful political coverage, including a sit-down with Melania Trump, to her powerful reporting covering some of the most headline-making national events, to her live coverage, including Pope Francis’ visit to New York, Ainsley considers her career and the factors that have propelled her to the top of her field, becoming a cohost of Fox & Friends and contributor to Hannity. Ainsley credits her success to the values she learned from her parents, and to the enduring Christian faith that has been her ballast through thick and thin, in good times and in periods of great difficulty.”

What Trump says: “A wonderful book”; “she is very special and so is her new book.”

Ratings: One Trump tweet. Five stars on Amazon.

Faulkner is a host on Fox News.

What the publisher says about the book: “Born into a military family, Harris Faulkner revered her father, a decorated career officer who served three tours of duty in Vietnam and raised his children with the values and ideals of the U.S. military. Accompanying him from posting to posting, young Harris experienced firsthand how success in life was rooted in the knowledge, integrity, and leadership that came from her military surroundings. Indeed, these formative lessons in leadership and work ethic became the guiding principles for her career as a journalist, lessons she credits with her rise to become one of the top hosts on Fox News.”

What Trump says: “Terrific new book.”

Ratings: One Trump tweet. Four-and-a-half stars on Amazon.

Pirro is a long-standing Trump ally who hosts a weekend show on Fox News.

What the publisher says about the book: “[T]here are dark forces that seek to obstruct and undermine the president and reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election. They are part of a wide-ranging conspiracy that would seem incredible if it weren’t being perpetrated openly. Driven by ambition, blinded by greed, and bound by a common goal-to unseat the 45th President of the United States-this cabal is determined to maintain its wrongful hold on national political power.”

What Trump says: “[F]antastic. Go get it!”

Ratings: Two Trump tweets and a promotional photo from the Oval Office. Five stars on Amazon.

If you’re curious about the totals, Trump’s list includes:

  • Three books with inspirational religious messages.
  • Four books by Fox News hosts or reporters.
  • Four books seeking to exonerate him on the Russia investigation.

As Trump would say: Enjoy!