President Trump’s primary source of news, excluding what his advisers might offer him, comes from watching cable news broadcasts. On many days of his presidency, perhaps most, he spends part of the morning watching the show “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel, often having recorded it earlier. We know this because of his tweets; they often either reflect the network’s coverage or mention it directly.

On Wednesday morning, after a day in which Trump’s former campaign chairman and former personal attorney were found guilty of or pleaded guilty to a combined 16 federal charges, here’s how “Fox & Friends” promoted its upcoming program.

The lead story is about the murder of Iowan Mollie Tibbetts. On Tuesday, authorities in that state identified a suspect in the crime, an immigrant in the country illegally named Cristhian Rivera. The last promoted story focuses on comments Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) made, riffing on Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan.

Those two stories occupied about 20 seconds each in the promo. The guilty plea by Michael Cohen and the verdict against Paul Manafort were each allotted about seven seconds.

Now the kicker: That comment from Cuomo was a week ago. It warrants, at least in Fox News’s promo, more time than the Cohen and Manafort developments combined. For “Fox & Friends” fans who are active on Twitter, this is the presentation of what’s important in the world at the moment.

Fans like Trump. Twitter is another prominent source of news for Trump, of course. His use of the platform is generally outgoing, certainly, but each time he opens the application, he’s presented with a stream of information from the 47 accounts he follows. Last year, we built a Twitter account — @trumps_feed — that re-creates what Trump sees when he opens Twitter.

This is what his Twitter feed shows at the moment.

At about 8:30 Wednesday morning, I pulled the 100 most recent tweets from his feed. Eleven addressed the Tibbetts murder. Nine discussed the Cohen and Manafort developments as news items. Fifteen defended Trump against those developments.

For example:

Another group of tweets attacked Trump’s political opponents. For example:

(Former Fox News host Eric Bolling’s Twitter feud with CNN’s Chris Cuomo occupied a big chunk of this group.)

Overnight, the pattern was the same. Defenses of Trump, discussion of the Tibbetts murder, random other political fights. This pairing in particular was interesting:

This is the social media world Trump inhabits, a reinforcement of what he sees when he turns on Fox News. Trump is not the only Twitter user whose feed is largely made up of politically sympathetic tweets, but he’s the only Twitter user whose feed is so politically homogeneous who also serves as president of the United States.