Lupe Valdez, the Democratic hopeful for Texas governor, cannot account for her firearm issued when she was Dallas County Sheriff.

Police said 45-year-old Cassandra Cline was killed when an 8-foot-long alligator pulled her into a lagoon on Hilton Head Island.

“They put the well-being and safety of the mother and baby at risk," her legal representative said.

The police chief in Chatsworth, Ga., said the use of force was justified.

The gunman admitted that he fired 15 times in the airport, killing five and seriously wounding six others.

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The n-word, the subject of much debate this week about whether there is a tape of President Trump using the racist slur, became Stallworth’s ticket into the Colorado Klan.

The court had never experienced anything like the intensity of the vitriol and volume of the response, which required it to go on lockdown for an afternoon, officials said.

Jordan Edwards' death last year sparked outrage in North Texas and drew national attention.

The worker slipped on a grate and sank further into the vat because he was overwhelmed by fumes, authorities said.

Scientists say climate change and past fire suppression are big factors in wildfire severity.

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