Police shot Clark 20 times in his own yard, thinking he had a gun. It was an iPhone.

Police officials identified Mark Anthony Conditt as the suspected Austin bomber as, but much remains unknown about his motivation.

Russell Bucklew killed and raped. His lawyers argue that execution by injection could cause his tumors to burst and drown him in blood.

Two people have been killed and at least three wounded in five bombings over 16 days.

Parkland shooting suspect’s brother was also involuntarily committed to mental-health facilities in accordance with Florida state law.

The shooting prompted international outrage and caused the ouster of the city's police chief.

Her husband, 54-year-old Terry Sorrells, and 18-year-old son, Christian, were arrested and charged with neglect of a disabled or elderly person.

Florida school shooter's brother arrested for allegedly trespassing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Siblings imprisoned in California house released from hospital, get their first taste of freedom

Kevin Esterly met Amy Yu at church when she was 8. Recently, police say, he was signing her out of school and had rented an apartment near her home.