Island just off the Puerto Rican coast has been in survival mode since Hurricane Maria hit last week.

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Violent crime remained near historically low levels but was pushed upward in part by an uptick in killings in some major cities nationwide.

Protesting is intrinsically Portland, and protesters turned out for the first visit from a Trump Administration Cabinet member. Some say it's all they can do.

  • Leah Sottile
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  • 2 days ago
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Entire neighborhoods are blanketed in murky water, the waves in some cases reaching near the first-floor windows. Tops of buildings were sliced open, their top-floor rooms visible like dollhouses.

A voice from a radio program bled through during a regular test of the Emergency Alert System.

People are taking to social media to try to find loved ones affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

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What an image about the care and pace of investigating a white Baton Rouge man possibly involved in hate crimes tells and conceals.

A professor says liberals and Democrats must tamp down their focus on different groups to win elections. A progressive political activist says diversity is the way to victory.

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