Jordan Davis’s mother, Lucia McBath, leaves the Jacksonville courtroom with her husband Curtis McBath earlier this month. (Reuters/Bob Mack/Florida Times-Union)

After the “loud music” trial in Florida ended with a partial verdict — jurors convicted Michael Dunn of attempted murder, but they deadlocked on the charge of first-degree murder for killing Jordan Davis, leading to a mistrial — many reactions to the trial focused on the confusing conclusion.

A juror tried to explain the deadlock last week, explaining how the jury wound up unanimous on certain things while disagreeing on the biggest charge.

In a new interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic, Lucia McBath, Jordan Davis’s mother, spoke about the verdict:

It baffles our mind too. Don’t think that we aren’t angry. Don’t think that I am not angry. Forgiving Michael Dunn doesn’t negate what I’m feeling and my anger. And I am allowed to feel that way. But more than that I have a responsibility to God to walk the path He’s laid. In spite of my anger, and my fear that we won’t get the verdict that we want, I am still called by the God I serve to walk this out.

She also talked about her son’s upbringing and the possibility that Dunn may never be convicted for killing Davis. (Prosecutors plan to retry Dunn.) You can read more from McBath here.