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Mr. Peanut weighs in on the monocle trend story

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We have an important and urgent update on the most important story of our time (the resurgence of the monocle), folks.

(Courtesy of Planters)

“It’s been brought to my attention that Hipsters are following in my stylish footsteps by sporting monocles,” Mr. Peanut said (“said”) in a statement just e-mailed over by Shannon Lovich of the public relations agency Olson Engage. “I guess they understand what success on a man’s face looks like.”

Mr. Peanut, who is a peanut and who wears a monocle, also offered (“offered”) three tips for wearing a monocle: Focus on fashion first, try not to blink and remember that there is “only room for one monocle-wearing gentleman in a room.”

This concludes your monocle-related update from Mr. Peanut.