Teachers at Los Alamitos High School in California took a page from Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities read mean tweets" series, reading fictional tweets by students in a PSA warning them to be careful what they share online. (Josh Vulcano via YouTube)

The days of high school angst gone unnoticed are over — thanks to Twitter.

Teachers at Los Alamitos High School in California reacted with mixed emotions as they were asked to read tweets made about them, according to this video PSA about over-sharing online.

The Orange County high school’s principal, Joshua Arnold, said the tweets were made up to get the point across, but the teachers’ quirks are real (see: Mr. Kerns’s #ratchet hair).

The premise of having prominent people share what others think of them on social media was made popular by Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities read mean tweets” series. Since then, there have been other spin-offs like this one from Now This News with members of Congress.

The video was written and produced by students Josh Vulcano, McKenna Cote, Conner Brown and Mallory Sullivan of the school’s Griffin News. The end credits caution: “Be careful what you post online. You never know who might read it.” Or watch for that matter — the video currently has more than 400,000 views on YouTube.