Movies have imagined the destruction of New York dozens of times, showing us a city ravaged by monsters (“Godzilla”), other monsters (“Cloverfield”), objects from space (“Deep Impact”) or other objects from space (“Armageddon”).

Lots of different movies have depicted various disasters in cities across the country, showing how these spots would succumb to alien attacks (“Independence Day” demolished New York, Washington, Los Angeles AND Houston, all in one movie, though the last city was technically destroyed by humans and not aliens), zombie outbreaks (the original “Dawn of the Dead” in 1978) and superhero battles (including the time the Hulk tore apart Harlem in 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk”).

Reuben Fischer-Baum and Samer Kalaf put together some tremendous maps that show just how many times some of these cities have been demolished on screen. Check them all out here.