Quinton Ross is a former NBA player who suited up for teams including the Los Angeles Clippers, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Washington Wizards. He is still alive. But for a brief time, Twitter believed that Quinton Ross the former NBA player was dead, because of this:

(We added a screenshot of this tweet rather than embedding the original because the original tweet was deleted.)

And then, a short time later, came this tweet:

What happened? Well, it appears the victim found in a trash bag buried in a shallow grave was also named Quinton Ross (but not the same Quinton Ross). Before the New York Post updated its story, this news was picked up by a few other sites.

The New York Post’s story now includes this line: “Initial reports that the victim is former Nets basketball player Quinton Ross are incorrect, police said.”

The story itself doesn’t note that these initial reports appeared in that New York Post story. Nor does it note anywhere in the story that the report itself has been updated. (The URL still carries the “Former Nets player found dead in shallow grave” wording, though.)

This concludes your “Hey, what’s new with former NBA player Quinton Ross lately?” update for the day.


For those of you wondering how we know for sure that Quinton Ross, former NBA player, is okay: We checked with Southern Methodist University, his alma mater. A spokesman there said that Ross had spoken with a former teammate and confirmed that he is fine.