Military police direct traffic outside Fort Hood on Wednesday. (EPA)

Doctors at the Scott & White hospital in Temple, Tex., said Thursday morning that three of the nine people they are treating from the Fort Hood shooting are in critical condition, but are expected to survive.

The doctors cautioned that it’s still relatively early in the treatment process, but said they believe the injuries are not life-threatening.

Scott & White is treating eight men and one woman injured in the shooting, all of them military personnel ranging in age from their early 20s to their mid-40s, according to the doctors.

Some of these people are in good condition and could be discharged from the hospital on Thursday, officials said.

The three critically wounded people have injuries to their necks, abdomens and a possible spinal injury.

There were three people killed in the shooting (not including the gunman, who took his own life) and 16 people injured.