U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel receives an update on the phone on Wednesday. (Alex Wong/Reuters)

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Thursday afternoon that the Pentagon will be looking for “any new lessons learned” from the latest Fort Hood shooting.

“We need to let investigators do their work and help us understand how this happened,” Hagel told reporters during a news conference in Honolulu that wrapped up a three-day summit of defense leaders from Asian nations.

Hagel did not respond substantively when asked why the Department of Defense has not fully implemented new security measures recommended by the team that investigated the 2009 Fort Hood shootings.

“Let me assure our country, the people who serve: we do take this seriously,” Hagel said. “There’s nothing we take more seriously than the safety of the people who work for our department.”

After the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood and a rash of suicides, commanders tightened the rules on the possession of firearms. A report on the shooting, issued the following year, said the military would work with the FBI to better understand “the insider threat.” But a report issued last month outlining findings stemming from the September 2013 Navy Yard shooting noted that warning signs were missed before that rampage.

“Obviously something went wrong,” Hagel said Thursday.