An undated photo of Army Spec. Ivan A. Lopez. (Courtesy of Glidden Lopez/AP)

The family of Army Spec. Ivan A. Lopez, the gunman who opened fire at Fort Hood on Wednesday, released a statement Friday afternoon.

Lopez “must not have been in his right mind,” the statement said, adding that recent deaths in his family and his base transfer “surely affected his existing condition.”

Here is the full statement via NBC News:

Facing the tragedy that occurred on April 2 in Fort Hood, TX, the family of the Puerto Rican soldier Iván López is concerned and asks for prayers for those affected and deceased by the unfortunate incidents. Iván López, father of the soldier, is still in shock and described his son as a calm family man, a young worker who always looked out for the well being of his home and a good son.

“This situation has caused great pain. I ask for prayers for the affected families, even more so when there is still an ongoing investigation. My son must not have been in his right mind, he wasn’t like that,” said Iván López, Sr.

As an active soldier he defended the nation and received medals. He also worked honorably as a policeman on the island. According to his father, the soldier was under medical treatment and the passing of his mother, his grandfather and the recent changes when transferring to the base surely affected his existing condition because of his experiences as a soldier. No more comments shall be made during the investigation conducted by authorities.