It took several days and lots of weeding through mostly-lame corporate jokes, but the Internet finally found what we wanted last week: A perfectly executed, actually hilarious April Fool’s Day prank.

Students in Stephen Barrows’s macroeconomics class at Aquinas College were familiar with his no-phones policy. If one rang, Barrows promised to make the student answer on speaker. Watch the video to see how that backfired, resulting in Barrows’s momentary mortification.

Aquinas College macroeconomics professor Stephen Barrows has a strict policy about phones in the classroom: If it rings, you have to answer it on speaker. He may rethink that rule after his students executed this April Fool's Day prank. (Taylor Nefcy, Josh Weiland and Molly Denny)

Josh Weiland, a student at the Grand Rapids, Mich. college, filmed the act that fellow student Taylor Nefcy somehow executed with a straight face.

The YouTube video has now racked up 14 million views, but Weiland said it wasn’t a highly coordinated effort. The women sitting to the left of Nefcy in the video realized they had class on April Fool’s Day and shared the idea with the rest of the class.

“We talked about it a few days before and finalized the details just an hour before,” Weiland told The Washington Post in an e-mail. “We had no plans to really upload it to YouTube, but we mentioned it to Professor Barrows and he was okay with it going online.”

Earlier in the class, Barrows had tried to pull one over on the students by pretending to give them a pop quiz.

“I think ours was a little better,” Weiland said.