A fully budded marijuana plant ready for trimming at the Botanacare marijuana store on New Year’s day, 2014, in Northglenn, Colo.  (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

Easter Sunday falls on the  excuse to smoke marijuana day made-up commemoration of 4/20 this year, which has caused some people on the internet to grapple with the moral implications.

And that raises the question: to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus or get high?

Unsurprisingly, the cohort of people on the Internet who are seriously concerned about the latter are horrifying the people concerned about the former.

In all seriousness, however, my colleague Terrence McCoy can help you out with speaking intelligently about the real origins of the unofficial holiday of pot smokers.

And Jeremy Singer-Vine did the research for us and finds that the next time Easter will fall on 4/20 is in the year 2025.

So maybe there really is a reason for potheads to commemorate the occasion. Maybe: