Police officers monitor runners waiting to take the bus to the start of the Boston Marathon in the Boston Commons on Monday. (Andrew Burton/Getty)

The Boston Marathon is Monday, a race that will have more runners and heavier security due to last year’s bombing. Here are 20 numbers to give you an idea about the scope of the race (many via the Boston Athletic Association):

18: Number of people who ran the first Marathon in 1897.

27,000: Normal number of participants.

35,755: People running this year.

14,307: People between the ages of 18 and 39 running the race, the biggest age group.

298: People older than 70 running the race.

5,633: Runners who weren’t able to finish last year (many of whom will run again this year).

95: Countries with runners participating in the marathon (via the Boston Globe).

30,411: People from the United States running this year, with runners from all 50 states.

8,129: People from Massachusetts running the race, more than any other state.

1,914: People from Boston running the race, more than any other city (via the Boston Globe).

3,500: Uniformed police officers.

500: Bags of ice.

800: Cots.

26: Oxygen tanks.

30: Ice immersion tubs.

40: Defibrillators.

400: Packets of Handi-Wipes.

1,800+: Media credentials issued this year.

10,000: Pairs of medical gloves.

950: Rakes, shovels and trash barrels.