In Massachusetts, if you want to drive in the carpool lanes on Route 93, you need at least two people in the car. And, in case you are wondering, the state police say that mannequin heads don’t count as people.

A driver in Quincy, Mass., was caught Thursday morning driving in the carpool lanes with a mannequin head in the passenger seat. The Massachusetts State Police reported that the driver “had propped up a work jacket with a mannequin head affixed to the top of the jacket in an attempt to create the illusion of a true passenger.”

The mannequin head even had little eyebrows and a mustache drawn on, and obviously there is a photo, of course there is a photo, we would not be doing this post without a photo:

John Carnell, the trooper who pulled over this driver, pulled over a woman last year who was driving with “a full size doll in her car seat,” according to the state police.

That driver and the driver today were both issued citations. The mannequin head and doll could not be reached for comment.