Alec Baldwin. (Annie I. Bang /Invision/AP)
Alec Baldwin. (Annie I. Bang /Invision/AP)

Perpetually calm and even-keeled actor Alec Baldwin, who has famously never raised his voice or gotten angry and who has definitely never said anything insulting to entire demographic groups, was arrested in New York on Tuesday morning for biking the wrong way down a Manhattan street.

He “became belligerent and argumentative with the officers,” police told the New York Times, marking perhaps the first time that noted avatar of equanimity Alec Baldwin has even been associated with such words.

His arrest came during a two-day police crackdown meant to eliminate traffic fatalities.

Baldwin, who announced his retirement from public life earlier this year in a cover story for New York magazine, promptly tweeted the name and badge number of the officer who arrested him and then called New York “a mismanaged carnival of stupidity,” because that’s what you do when you’re no longer a public figure.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some guidance on navigating bike lanes, this post provides helpful advice. For example, “salmoning” — otherwise known as riding the wrong way in a bike lane — is apparently a no-no.