Wildfire approaches buildings on Wednesday in Carlsbad, Calif. (AP)

Update, 10:58 p.m.:

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) declared a state of emergency in San Diego on Wednesday night, saying that the still-burning fires had consumed 2,000 acres, destroyed homes and power lines and forced the evacuation of thousands of people.


Fires at Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps base located between Los Angeles and San Diego, prompted evacuations on Wednesday as wildfires tore through parts of coastal California.

A brush fire at a naval weapons facility discovered on Wednesday morning forced residents to evacuate several facilities, including a housing unit, an elementary school and fitness centers, according to the Marines.

This fire was one of several that burned on Wednesday in California. Homes were destroyed in Carlsbad, thousands of people were forced to evacuate around the region and the wildfires burned thousands of acres of land. San Diego County declared a local emergency on Wednesday afternoon due to the fires, saying that at least 20 buildings in the county had been destroyed.

There has also been another fire tornado — or firenado — spotted, according to Marcus Smith of KTLA in Los Angeles:

(A firenado was spotted earlier this month in Missouri.) Here are other images from around the San Diego area:

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