A different brown bear. (Bogdan Cristel/Reuters)

Here is some news about a bear attacking a person a military base in Alaska, because that is a thing that happened over the weekend.

A woman was attacked by a bear while jogging at a military base outside of Anchorage on Sunday morning, according to officials at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

The woman, who was not a soldier but is a “soldier dependent,” encountered the female brown bear — and her cubs — while jogging along a road, Maj. Angela Webb, a base spokeswoman, told The Post on Monday afternoon.

“It was pretty much wrong time, wrong place,” Webb said. “They just startled each other.”

At this point, the bear attacked the woman, though the extent of the woman’s injuries are still unclear, Webb said. A driver spotted the unnamed woman after the attack, picked her up and brought her to the base’s medical facility.

She was conscious and in stable condition at that time, Webb said, and she has since been transferred to the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage.

The injured person has requested that no information be released yet, Webb said. This incident is particularly unusual because the woman is a dependent, rather than an active duty member, Webb said; this means she could be a spouse, child or have some other relationship with a person on the base.

Webb said that the last time anyone on the base had a known bear encounter was when four young children saw a black bear in 2010. Three of the children played dead, while the fourth ran to get an adult, and all of the children were brought to safety.

“We share the base with quite a bit of wildlife,” Webb said. “On the base, we have moose and bears and lynx and there’s been wolves.”

This post has been updated to delete a second reference to Alaska that had been in the second sentence and, upon reflection, seemed superfluous.