So, look: This is definitely a video of an elephant on a beach in Florida. That is all you need to know. Yes, there is more information available somewhere about the elephant, why it was there, what was going on, et cetera. But stop for a moment and ask yourself: Do I really want to know why the elephant was there? Will that information help me in any way? It’s an unusual animal sighting in Florida. There is a type of beauty in that self-explanatory concept.

That being said, if you do demand information, assuming that through edification lies nirvana, that clarity is available below the video. You can watch the video and then you can read about the why and the who. Or — and this is just a humble suggestion, a polite imparting of a simple proposition — you can also choose to just bask in the visual of an elephant standing in the gentle waters of the Gulf of Mexico, close the tab and go about your business, never knowing just why the elephant was there but always knowing that it was.

So, the elephant! Apparently it was there as part of the entertainment for a house party on the beach, according to WPLG Local 10 (the ABC channel in Miami). A guy named Todd Unbehage spotted the thing on North Redington Beach (near Tampa) and took a video of the elephant, was one does. He later used a photo of him with the elephant in the background as his Facebook cover photo.

That is why there was an elephant standing on the Florida beach over the weekend.