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California woman found a decade after she was reported missing

A woman who had been reported missing a decade ago in southern California has been found, police in Santa Ana, Calif., announced on Wednesday afternoon.

Officials said the woman came to police on Tuesday to explain how she came to disappear in the summer of 2004. The woman, now 25, was 15 when her mother reported her as missing to the Santa Ana police.

At the time, her mother said that the teen was missing along with Isidro Garcia, identified by police as her live-in boyfriend at the time.

That was August 2004. On Tuesday, the woman came to police and told them that she had been in touch with her sister on Facebook and that this helped her gain the courage to talk to police.

The woman told police that Garcia had sexually assaulted her in June 2004 while living with her, her mother and her sisters. She said that after Garcia assaulted her mother in August of that year, he drugged the teenager and took her to a different home.

She told authorities that Garcia initially locked her in the garage, gave her false identity documents and said that her family would be deported if she tried to return to them. She also said that he had repeatedly assaulted her, physically as well as sexually, while she was imprisoned.

In addition, the woman told authorities that Garcia eventually forced her to marry him in 2007 and said that they had a child in 2012.

Garcia was arrested and charged with kidnapping for rape, false imprisonment and a lewd act with a minor, police said.