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BOOP. (Sarah Dunton/The Washington Post)

Are more people buying hedgehogs as pets? The Associated Press says yes, writing about the trend in a story Monday. (ABC News and the New York Post were on this bandwagon in February. Meanwhile, the Telegraph was warning that pet hedgehogs would be “a disaster” way back in 2009.)

But we’re not here to discuss the trend story. We’re here to write about the trend story so we have an excuse to share that hedgehog GIF and this hedgehog video:

In case you came to this post seeking actual, useful information, we are obliged by the conventions of journalism to provide just enough of that to justify the existence of this post. So, just in case you are thinking about getting a hedgehog, here’s a list of frequently asked questions and here’s a guide to caring for the hedgehog, both courtesy of the Hedgehog Welfare Society (naturally).

But you may not be able to acquire one. Hedgehogs are banned in several places for various reasons. In California, they’re prohibited because they could threaten the state’s fish, wildlife or agriculture; in Georgia, they’re among the various “exotic animals” that can’t be kept as pets, on a list that includes bats, dolphins and elephants.