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Depressing number of the day: 74 school shootings since Newtown

Seattle Pacific University students pray together after a shooting on the school’s campus last week. (Jordan Stead/ via AP)
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A student was shot and killed at a high school outside Portland, Ore., on Tuesday morning. That comes just five days after a student was shot and killed at Seattle Pacific University, which itself came on the heels of a shooting that severely injured a 10-year-old Wisconsin girl on an elementary school playground.

Here’s a particularly depressing number that highlights just how often school shootings are occurring: The shooting near Portland is the 74th school shooting since the Newtown massacre in December 2012, according to the group Everytown for Gun Safety, which is aimed at promoting gun control measures. Fully half of those shootings have occurred so far this year, and it is only the second week of June.

[UPDATE: There has been some backlash over the methodology used in compiling this list. Everytown went back and added a legend showing which shootings involved things like people being injured or killed. My colleague Niraj Chokshi has more here about how to quantify these shootings.]

That list is limited to school shootings where a gun was fired inside a school building or on a school’s campus, and it does include times when guns were accidentally fired, the group reports. That list does not include times when people brought guns to school and didn’t fire them on the school’s grounds. That list is just focused on school shootings the group finds through media reports, so the organization warns that it’s likely under-counting the number of school shootings that may have occurred during this time span.

That list does not include incidents near schools, so it doesn’t count the shooting rampage near the University of California Santa Barbara last month.

That list obviously does not include shootings at shopping mallsmovie theaters or military installations, nor does the list include shootings in other public places, like the killing of two police officers and a bystander this week in Las Vegas. And it does not include incidents where schools were locked down and students ordered to shelter in place because there were reports of someone with a gun on the campus.

Here’s a map showing where the shootings occurred.

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