(Screenshot from CBS / Dallas-Fort Worth)
(Screenshot from CBS Dallas-Fort Worth)

Here is a short story about an expensive house in Texas that is burning down today. The house, which costs about $700,000, is currently sitting on a cliff that is crumbling away beneath it. Rather than letting the house just plummet into Lake Whitney, located about 75 miles south of Dallas, officials have decided to burn the thing down instead, according to the Associated Press.

If you would like to watch an expensive home sitting atop a lake burn down, you can watch the livestream here.

Demolition crews set fire to a $800,000 house dangling on decaying cliff overlooking Lake Whitney, southwest of Dallas, Texas. (Reuters)

But if this sort of thing is of no interest to you, or if you find this post at some later time and wonder why anyone would even want to watch as a house on a cliff is deliberately burned to the ground, we have no real answer to this question, but instead we direct you to this video of a dog playing soccer.