The Grand Canyon in 2013. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

A German man kayaking at the Grand Canyon died Wednesday afternoon after his boat capsized in the water. Hans Uhl, 43, was on the first day of a several-day commercial river trip, the National Park Service said. He was kayaking at the Badger Rapids on the Colorado River at about 2 p.m. when his kayak flipped and he was unable to turn it back over. A safety boat reached him, and he was conscious and responsive, but he soon became unconscious. Attempts at CPR failed and he was pronounced dead. The National Park Service and the Cococino County (Ariz.) Medical Examiner are investigating.

Two other people have died this year while boating on the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon. Earlier this month, Kathy Newman, 54, died after suffering an apparent allergic reaction while boating on the river, according to the National Park Service. In March, Curtis Joyce, 31, was kayaking as part of a group when his boat apparently capsized. Also in March, John Anderson, 53, died after falling into the canyon.