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9:55 P.M. Update:

The tsunami advisories have been canceled, the National Tsunami Warning Center said Monday evening.


An earthquake off the southwestern coast of Alaska on Monday triggered a tsunami warning, according to the National Tsunami Warning Center.

The magnitude 8.0 earthquake off the coast of Alaska, the U.S. state with the most quakes each year, occurred about 15 miles southeast of Little Sitkin Island, the U.S. Geological Survey reported Monday afternoon.

As a result, a tsunami warning was issued for Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, while a tsunami advisory was issued for other coastal areas in Alaska.

The National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer warned that dangerous coastal flooding was possible, recommending that people in the warning area move inland. It reported a short time later that the tsunami danger may wind up being limited because of the depth of the earthquake.

This post has been updated with the new information from the NTWC.