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Man sets Seattle home on fire while trying to kill spider

If you see a spider like this in your laundry room, maybe just drop a book on it? (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)
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The most important takeaway from this story about a Seattle-area man who set fire to a house while trying to kill a spider, obviously, is that when dealing with an arachnid, a lighter and a can of spray paint might do more harm than good.

The second-most important takeaway is this:

Did this spider cheat death? We hope so! That means there’s some indestructible spider out there — roaming the streets in search of a new home, a hero to spiders everywhere. Residents of Seattle: Check your basements. Or, you know what? Maybe don’t. History is not on your side.

Kyle Moore of the Seattle Fire Department told local news station KOMO that it will cost about $40,000 to repair the damaged rental home, which the man set on fire Tuesday night. It’ll take about $20,000 more to replace the building’s contents, the news station reported.

Moore said the man told authorities that a wall in the home caught fire when he tried to off the spider in his laundry room, according to KOMO. The blaze grew, and the man eventually fled the property.

So what’s the third-most important takeaway? So glad you asked! We’ve highlighted the relevant part in this screenshot below:

Lesson learned. Attention, everyone: If you absolutely have to use fire to kills spiders, be sure to first clear your home of all ammunition.