New footage posted online purports to show more than seven additional minutes of the events surrounding the death of Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who was put in a chokehold by a New York police officer and died.

The death Thursday of Garner, who authorities say died of a heart attack, sparked a rally Saturday during which his wife burst into tears, stoked online discussions about racial tension in America and led New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to delay a family vacation to Italy. De Blasio had endured criticism earlier for his decision to travel ahead of a potential Long Island Rail Road strike.

In a video obtained by the New York Daily News and published Thursday, Garner can reportedly be seen complaining about routine police harassment as two officers stand on either side of him. Later in the video, the two officers close in on Garner, who repeatedly says, “Don’t touch me,” as one officer puts him in a chokehold. He then can be heard repeatedly saying that he can’t breathe. Garner, a 6-foot-3, 350-pound black man, was asthmatic, the Daily News reported.

The cover of The Daily News on Saturday featured a photo of Garner’s wife and quoted her in giant letters saying, “They killed him.”

A new video posted online and embedded below purports to show Garner lying on the ground for several minutes surrounded by police officers as they wait for emergency personnel. One officer can be heard saying, “Come on, guy, breathe in, breathe out, all right?” Garner appears motionless on the ground. The Post has not yet been able to verify

, which appears to feature the same scene and several of the same officers, in similar outfits, as the Daily News video.

De Blasio called the original video of the chokehold “very troubling.”

“I watched it the same way a family member would watch it, and it was very sad to watch,” he said at a Friday press conference.

This story has been updated to note that de Blasio’s family vacation was delayed, not canceled.