Sun’s out, guns out. (Northampton Police Department)

A man gave two tickets to the gun show to police officers who were investigating a report of a firearm in Massachusetts this week, according to a Northampton Police Department report.

Police were dispatched to an apartment Monday after they were told a man might have a gun, the report states. Officers found the man, who was not identified, and a woman — who were both described as “heavily intoxicated” — and asked if they knew why police had been contacted.

“I notified him that we had received a call in regards to him having a gun. [Redacted] stated that he had no guns except his biceps which he proceeded to flex,” the report reads. “[Redacted] stated that this same type of call happened about a week prior. [Redacted] advised that we could search his room and no gun was located except a water gun located on top of a small table to the right side of his bed.”


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Northampton Det. Lt. Alan Borowski told that he had spotted the man before, and said that the 53-year-old’s biceps were “all right” for his age, adding: “But he was probably bigger back in the day.”

You can read the full report below.

Ticket to the Gun Show