A road in Yellowstone National Park. (National Park Service via AP)

Drones are banned from all national parks. On a related note: Someone may have crashed a drone at a national park.

A drone appears to have crashed into Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring at Yellowstone National Park, according to a park official.

Al Nash, a spokesman for Yellowstone National Park, said that eyewitnesses reported seeing the drone crash into the spring Saturday.

Authorities haven’t found it yet, he said, and they are considering using a helicopter to see if they can see the drone from above.

If the drone is found, though, that raises the issue of how to remove the crashed device from the spring. Park officials will figure out how to remove the drone — if they need to do so at all — if they are able to locate it.

The entire episode is under investigation, Nash said.

The National Park Service announced in June that it was banning the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the parks because of concerns the agency had about the impact drones were having.

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