Look, it’s Friday, you’re probably tired, you probably had a long week despite the fact that it’s August and you should probably be on a vacation somewhere, because you decided to still come into the office even though you knew everyone else would be taking off, even Steve, of course Steve would be taking off (when does Steve even show up, honestly?), but no, you went and showed up and did your work and put in a full day, even though it’s August, even though you’re probably tired, even though it’s a Friday. So here is an image of a woodchuck that was stuck in a storm drain:

Do you actually need more information about this woodchuck, who was stuck in a sewer grate, and who was later rescued from said sewer grate? Probably not, but just in case: Police in Danvers, Mass. (population: 26,400) responded to this woodchuck, who was stuck in a sewer grate, and worked to free him from said sewer grate. (The city’s Department of Public Works helped out as well.)

We could simply leave it there, but there exists a video depicting this rescue, a video that shows you the woodchuck stuck in the grate and then the woodchuck no longer in the grate, and we would be remiss in our duties as Official Woodchuck Correspondent if we did not include this video of the woodchuck being freed from the grate:

This concludes today’s update involving woodchucks and sewer grates, because you earned it.