A woman who says she witnessed the Michael Brown shooting has released a video that she said shows the moments following the teenager’s death, the subject of week-long unrest in the St. Louis suburb.

“From it all initially happening, I knew this is not right,” witness Piaget Crenshaw told CNN’s New Day, which first aired the video. She added: “I knew the police shouldn’t have been chasing this young boy and firing at the same time. The fact that he got shot in his face, it was like something clicked in me … this isn’t right. I gotta record.”

Crenshaw said on CNN that she held off releasing the video until Monday out of concern for her safety, based on advice from her lawyer.

The video does not show the actual shooting, although Crenshaw told CNN that she witnessed almost all of it.

Although Brown was running away from police, Crenshaw said that “when he turned towards the cop is when he let off the most shots.” The video shows a body lying in the street along with multiple officers and growing crowds.

Crenshaw is audible in the video, saying: “God bless his soul, the police shot this boy outside my apartment.”

Also visible: An officer standing over the body. Crenshaw identified the officer as Darren Wilson, the man who fatally shot Brown. Crenshaw described Wilson as “just sort of looking baffled and bewildered” and “in disbelief” following the incident.