This is the cover of the next edition of the New Yorker. It was crafted by Eric Drooker, who has had paintings appear on the cover of the magazine more than two dozen times. Drooker told the magazine that the shooting and the response sparked a rather emotional memory for him. 

“The police shooting of Michael Brown resonates on a personal level with me,” he said. “An artist friend of mine was killed by a cop in lower Manhattan, back in 1991. He happened to be black, and the police officer was never indicted.” Meanwhile, Scott Olson, who was one of the journalists arrested in Ferguson, captured the images that appear on the covers of Time and Bloomberg Businessweek:

Olson said in a statement released by Getty that he was arrested “for being a member of the press in a public place and mingling with the public, rather than in a pen where officials had hoped to confine the press.” He was released after a few hours and returned to work on the streets of Ferguson.