Oh, I’m sorry, are you having trouble figuring out the meaning of the existence we lead on the tiny pale blue dot of an Earth where we reside? Here’s a dog dressed as a sheriff to make you feel better about it!

It worked, didn’t it?

This is Sake Sue, a therapy dog. Her owner, Colleen Rahn, dressed her up for a Walk for the Animals event Sunday in Huntington Beach, Calif., sponsored by the Orange County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. According to the Associated Press, “the theme was cowdog” and “she’s furry and very sweet.”

We’re not sure why this dog would wear anything other than this costume at all times.

Cowdog would make for an excellent Halloween costume: Go dressed up as a dog dressed up as a cowboy (you’d be at least one of two such cowdogs). Or, if you want draw inspiration from some troubling gender norms that have developed in recent years, go as a sexy cowdog.

Other notable cowdogs in American history include Huckleberry Hound’s brief stint in law enforcement and Hank the Cowdog, a character in a children’s book series. You can also eat cowdogs . (Don’t worry, they aren’t made of real dogs.)