After last month’s fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, the city of Ferguson, Mo., postponed its August council meeting. Instead of holding the forum, it sent postage-paid comment cards to residents and asked them to mail their feedback.

The Washington Post obtained copies of those cards after submitting a public records request. We’ve posted images of a few of them below.

Some residents wrote that they weren’t happy with Ferguson’s mayor.

This person wasn’t thrilled with the media, writing: “The media has bullied and defined Ferguson, we must stand tall and not succumb to a title given to Ferguson based on loosely reported inaccuracies. We were not a racist town prior to Aug 9 and just because the media called us that does not make it so.”

Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. In the days that followed his death, protesters gathered in the streets of this suburb of St. Louis, drawing a heavy police response. Their crowd-control tactics drew widespread criticism, and some local agencies are now the focus of reviews and probes into their procedures.

A warning about these cards: they’re posted as written. Brown’s shooting exposed racial tensions in the community, and some of the comments reflect that. (We’ll post the full batch as soon as we’re able.)