We’re not in the business of issuing pro tips when it comes to committing crimes, lest they be taken as endorsements of illicit behavior. But we feel compelled to issue this one: When violating (or running from) the law, it’s best to go easy on the cologne.

That’s a lesson Charles Agosto learned too late. After a high-speed chase early Sunday, Oregon cops found the 35-year-old hiding in a bush — thanks in part to the “strong scent of cologne” emanating from the shrubbery, according to the Lebanon Police Department.

“Agosto mentioned he regretted applying cologne on his person prior to leaving his house,” police said. It’s unclear what exact scent Agosto doused himself with that night.

It all began when police tried to stop Agosto, who was allegedly speeding and then didn’t stop when police turned on their sirens. Police said they chased  Agosto, who was driving 100 mph — so fast that the  hood of his Prelude ripped off.

Agosto eventually got away, but a cop did see the Prelude in the driveway of a home. Residents told police a man ran away from the car and across their yard.

“While officers and deputies could not readily see the suspect due to darkness and dense foliage, a strong scent of cologne could be smelled in the area,” the police statement read.

Police called in a K-9 unit, and Agosto was found within minutes, “hunkered down in some shrubbery,” police said. He was charged with reckless driving, trespassing and attempting to elude a police officer.

So remember, whether you’re about to go on a date, take your kids on a long car ride (looking at you, dads) or, heck, even run from the police, a dab or two of cologne will do. Anything more, and you’re just asking for trouble.