Donald Trump did something on Twitter today that made a lot of people pay attention to him, which is normally what he likes. Except today’s attention was different, because it’s not the kind of attention that Trump — who has threatened to run for nearly every major elected office in recent years — intentionally seeks.

The mogul’s verified Twitter account re-tweeted a photo of what user @feckhead said were his parents, who “always said you were big inspiration.”

But Trump was tricked! The photo was of Fred and Rose West, the British serial killers who tortured, raped, and killed at least 10 young women, including some of their own children.

Trump, apparently taking the photo of the Wests as evidence of real admiration, shared the photo with his 2.7 million followers in a since-deleted tweet.

Eventually realizing his mistake, Trump naturally threatened to sue the Twitter user for asking him to do something that turned out to be a bad idea: