Today, we bring you news from the glorious land of Florida, a place of dreams and magic and wonder. And a place where things like this happen:

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, which posted the photo on Facebook, said that a man named John Balmer, 50, was arrested and charged with possessing methamphetamine.

He was wearing the above shirt, cloaking his arrest in a certain sublime honesty, or at the very least making for a relatively humorous photo, insofar as photos of arrests for drug possession can be “humorous,” which may seem callous given the very real problems people have with meth, but far more callous depictions of unfortunate circumstances have been disseminated and shared, perhaps desensitizing us to their effects, which is another bottle of whiskey entirely, if we are all being honest with one another here.

Anyway, this arrest occurred in Hudson, a city north of Tampa. This has been your periodic reminder that Florida is a wonderful place.