A polar vortex might be shattering record lows across the east on Friday, but these red pandas, playing in the snow at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden this week, will shatter even the coldest of hearts, including mine.

Look at this red panda frolic. Look at it try to convince the nice person holding the camera that the best possible way to live life is to roll in the snow with a red panda.

Their names are Lin (a 2-year-old female) and Rover (a 9-year-old male), according to ABC. Cincinnati is in the middle of a record-low cold spell, with even more snow expected over the weekend.

You may not need these red pandas in your life as much as I do right now, and that’s okay. While cute animal videos are more or less universal, not everyone ends up captivated by the same ones.

What I’m saying, though, is that maybe your opinion about these red pandas is wrong.

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