This is going to be the grand marshal of this year’s Starlight Parade in Portland, Ore.:

In case you didn’t gather, it’s a rolled up airport carpet wearing plastic eyes, a hat and a seat belt. Its name is PDX Carpet and it is expressionless, which is fine because it lacks the ability to communicate.

“In any other city in this country, it would likely be considered weird to name a carpet as grand marshal of a major parade, but this is Portland, Oregon, and we do weird very well here,” parade chairman Jeff Deering said, the Oregonian reported.

You sure do! Look at this guy:

Not sure if you realized, but this particular carpeting is kind of a big deal. The Port of Portland announced in 2013 that it was replacing 13 acres of the carpet, and the carpet became very popular on social media. Soon, people began buying up apparel sporting the same pattern:

You can even buy a piece of the carpet! Four companies will salvage and turn it into things like floor mats and wall art. Crews began tearing up the old teal carpet earlier this year.

A few people called the carpet “Peedee” during Friday’s parade announcement, “thought the Portland Rose Festival Foundation insists the official name is PDX Carpet,” the Oregonian reported.

On May 30, PDX Carpet will lead the parade rolling through downtown Portland.

“This is very awesome. We are very honored,” said Stan Watters of the Port of Portland. “We get excited every time the community or an individual or people around the world find a way to celebrate and showcase our wonderful carpet.”