The Louisiana state trooper who was shot in the head during a traffic stop on Sunday died Monday morning, making him at least the 21st on-duty police officer to be shot and killed by gunfire in 2015.

“I am very saddened to report that Senior Trooper Steven Vincent has passed away this morning from the gunshot wounds he suffered yesterday in conjunction with a traffic investigation,” said Col. Mike Edmonson, of the Louisiana state police, in a statement posted to Facebook. “As an organization, we are heartbroken over this senseless and tragic death.”

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, the most accurate public count of police officers killed each year, Vincent is the 21st on-duty police officer killed by gunfire from a suspect — a tally that includes three fatalities of K9 officers. Overall, the site has measured 76 “on-duty” police officer deaths this year, which is down 6 percent from this point last year.

State police said that Vincent, 43, was shot by an apparently stranded motorist who stood over the officer and told him afterward, “You’re lucky — you’re going to die soon.”

At a news conference, Edmonson said Kevin Daigle, 54, in an interaction captured on video, shot Vincent with a shotgun after the trooper approached the man’s truck — which was stuck sideways in a ditch.

Edmonson said that after the shooting Daigle wandered over to Vincent.

“You could hear him breathing, telling him, ‘You’re lucky. You’re lucky — you’re going to die soon.’ That’s the words that came out of his mouth,” Edmonson said during the news conference.

Several other drivers pulled to the side of the road and wrestled the gun away from Daigle, who has been charged with first degree murder, and detained him until other officers arrived.