In 1968, while he was campaigning for president, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy visited a city about three hours south of Portland, Ore., and called for tighter restrictions on who can own guns.

Kennedy, speaking five years after his brother was shot and killed in Dallas, was visiting on the eve of the Oregon Democratic primary. He made his pitch in Roseburg, Ore., a town that last week became nationally known for its proximity to the country’s latest mass shooting.

“With all the violence and murder and killings we’ve had in the United States, I think you will agree that we must keep firearms from people who have no business with guns or rifles,” he said, according to an account in the New York Times that week. That article noted that he was met with signs comparing firearm registration to Nazi Germany and a crowd that insisted new laws wouldn’t stop criminals from getting guns.

Kennedy went on to lose the Oregon primary to Sen. Eugene McCarthy on May 28. He was assassinated the following week.

Watch some of Kennedy’s remarks here: