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Two California officers shot; suspected attacker barricaded in a home, police say

Police say a gunman, suspected of shooting two officers on Wednesday, is barricaded inside a flaming home in Fremont, Calif. (CBS)

An hours-long standoff appeared to end Thursday morning in Fremont, Calif., nearly a day after authorities said a man shot two police officers before eventually barricading himself inside a house.

Police said Thursday morning that they found a dead body — believed to be the suspected attacker — after the standoff stretched overnight.

The incident began on Wednesday afternoon with a traffic stop in Fremont, a city about 20 miles north of San Jose. A patrol officer there tried to stop a car, but the driver backed into the patrol car “and shots were fired,” the Fremont police said in a statement. The patrol officer was injured and the person or people in the car ran away, police say.

About 10 minutes later, Fremont police said they again encountered at least one person from the car about half a mile away. Again, multiple gunshots were fired and a second police officer was wounded.

The two officers who were shot were both taken to trauma centers. By Wednesday night, both were out of surgery; one was critically injured, while the other was in stable condition, authorities said.

It’s “scary to have people who are in our community just randomly shooting at officers,” Geneva Bosques, a spokeswoman for the Fremont police, said during a briefing with reporters. “That’s not normal behavior. It’s not something that we have to deal with.”

Police initially said they had at least one main suspect and potentially more, as tactical teams fanned out and a manhunt began that stretched on into the night.

They later said they were searching for an armed man wearing a San Francisco Giants shirt, and they asked residents to shelter in place while police went from house to house.

Early Thursday morning, police said they had found their suspected gunman — barricaded inside a home in Fremont.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office told reporters that the home didn’t belong to the suspect and that the home’s owner was not there, according to the Mercury News.

There was also a fire at the home, according to officials:

In the hours that followed, police say they began to negotiate with this man, while also trying to get him to go outside:

Later on Thursday morning, the Fremont police said they believe the suspected shooter’s dead body was found in the home.

Residents who were not able to go home because of the search and barricade were being taken to a senior center in Fremont, where the Red Cross was helping to provide shelter.

Last week, a police officer in Massachusetts was fatally shot during a traffic stop that prompted a large manhunt there. When police tracked down the suspected attacker, he died in a shootout that also saw a state trooper injured.

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