Officials in Chicago released hundreds of video and audio files Friday, in connection with 101 open investigations into police shootings and use of force. This follows the uproar caused by the release last year of a police officer fatally shooting Laquan McDonald.

Many of the videos are unclear, merely showing that dash cams or other footage of the scene of an incident didn’t have a clear view where force was used. But five in particular stand out.

All these incidents are under investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority. These videos show the wide variety of cases the review board investigates: Some show suspects charging officers, some fleeing in cars, and some being struck seemingly without provocation.


Terrence Clarke

An off-duty officer working security at a Chicago restaurant is seen punching diner Terrence Clarke in the face before arresting him in 2015. The officer said in a report that he’d asked patrons to leave, as it was past closing time, and that Clarke “threw cheese” at him before he used force.


Michael Cote

Michael Cote was shot by officers while attempting to flee a traffic stop in 2014. He survived his injuries and has since been charged with assaulting the officers.

Lisa Simmons, Jeremiah Smith

Police arrested Lisa Simmons for carrying an open container of alcohol in 2014. After a crowd gathered and began filming, an officer is seen slamming Simmons into a police vehicle. The same officer later punches Jeremiah Smith in the face before arresting him. Simmons and Smith are suing the Chicago Police Department.


David Strong

David Strong was shot and killed by police while allegedly fleeing a robbery at an electronics store in 2012. His accomplices, Leland Dudley and John Givens, were also shot by police but survived their injuries. They’ve since been charged with murder in connection with Strong’s death.

Ismael Jamison

Ismael Jamison was shot by police in 2012 after allegedly attacking a bus driver. In this surveillance footage, Jamison is seen advancing on an officer before being shot. Police then used a stun gun on him twice after they said he continued to resist. Jamison survived his injuries.