Tamecca Perry was nine months pregnant. Her baby was due within the week.

But on March 5, a neighbor’s daughter started an argument with Perry over loud music and perceived disrespect, the FBI said.

The dispute escalated, and Perry was shot outside her Milwaukee home. After she retreated inside, the expectant mother died in front of her two children, the FBI said.

Her unborn child also died.

Police charged Shanika S. Minor, 24, in Perry’s death, but she hasn’t been seen since the day of Perry’s death.

On Tuesday, the FBI added Minor to its top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list, as authorities offered up to $100,000 for information directly leading to the Milwaukee woman’s arrest.


“The brutal murder of a mother and her unborn child is reprehensible,” Robert Shields, FBI Milwaukee Division special agent, said in a statement. “The FBI will provide all of our available resources to assist the Milwaukee Police Department in locating and apprehending this violent fugitive.”


“It’s important that a national … cry be raised” over the crime, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Minor’s mother lived in the same duplex as Perry and told Minor about the neighbor playing loud music at unreasonable hours, according to the FBI.

About a week later, on March 5, Minor confronted Perry on the sidewalk, the FBI said. Minor brandished a handgun and challenged the pregnant woman — a former high school classmate — to a fight, the FBI said.


“Minor’s mother ran to the scene and implored her daughter not to hurt the pregnant woman,” the FBI said.

Minor fired a round into the air, got into her car and sped away with several other people, according to the FBI. “Most people who witnessed the incident thought that was the end of it,” FBI special agent Chad Piontek said in a statement.


Hours later — just before 3 a.m. on March 6 — Minor allegedly returned to the neighborhood and to the hallway near the back of Perry’s home. She confronted the pregnant woman once more, the FBI said.

“Minor’s mother again ran to the scene, this time positioning herself between her daughter and the neighbor, trying to keep the peace,” the FBI said in a news release. “Witnesses said Minor reached over her mother’s shoulder and fired her gun, striking the woman in the chest.”


Perry, fatally wounded, quickly retreated back into her house, where she and her unborn child died, the FBI said.

“She took a cousin. She took a mother. She took an aunt. She took a niece. She took all of that from us and all over some music,” Perry’s cousin, Dana Freeman, told WITI in March. “I don’t care what it was over. A pregnant person didn’t deserve that, and now we have to deal with the fact that she’s gone.”


Police issued an arrest warrant for Minor, charging her with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide — one for Perry’s death, and one for her unborn child’s death.

According to the FBI, Minor may have had contact with people in Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio and Georgia.


Minor’s only known occupation has been newspaper delivery. Other than that, “there is no record she had any reliable employment,” said Piontek, the FBI special agent. “I don’t think she has a lot of resources on her own. Clearly, people have assisted her.”

The FBI considers Minor “armed and extremely dangerous.”

“She killed someone who was not a stranger to her — a family acquaintance,” Piontek said.

Hours after Minor was added to the FBI’s Most Wanted list, Perry’s mother pleaded for her daughter’s alleged killer to turn herself in.


“Wherever you at Shanika, I would appreciate it if you would come,” Cynthia Freeman told Fox affiliate WITI. “I don’t want you to get hurt. I just want you to come forward.”


She added: “I just want her caught so I can rest. I don’t sleep. I don’t eat. I really want to know the reason why she would pull a gun out and do what she did to my daughter.”

An obituary published in the Sentinel said services were held for Tamecca Perry, 23, and her unborn child 10 days after the shooting.

Family and friends told WITI that Perry’s unborn child was a girl.

Shemeeka Pirtle, Perry’s friend, said she was devastated that she will never meet the girl in life. “For me not to have that chance really took something out of me,” Pirtle told WITI. “You took her life as well as her unborn child. That’s so unfair.”

Tragedy struck Perry’s family again less than a month later, when her 21-year-old brother was fatally shot during a fight that began after a minor car accident.


Deshaun Freeman died on the scene. The alleged shooter, Octavia Dodson, drove away a short distance but then called police. The 28-year-old told police that he was rear-ended while stopped at a red light. The car fled, Dodson said according to WITI, but later caught up with him on another street.

Freeman was shot at least three times, according to the medical examiner’s report. Dodson was charged with second-degree intentional homicide.

“It’s devastating,” Freeman’s aunt, Elaine Freeman, told WITI after both deaths. “We never would imagine that both of my sister’s children would be deceased from gun, gun play.”

Sylvester Thompson said he heard the shots that killed Freeman.

“We are getting tired of [the violence],” Thompson told the news station. “We are feeling it all up and down this block. Everybody is hurt. It’s senseless.”

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