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‘The ice cream is as bitter and cold as the owner’: After tirade, Internet turns on woman’s business

File photo. (Dustin Franz/The Washington Post)

Only Angela Wilcox knows what sparked her profanity-filled, occasionally incomprehensible tirade on Facebook earlier this week.

She may not have realized that her rant would have consequences — for her ice cream shop.

According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, the incident started when San Marco business owner Lisa Thomas posted a Facebook status earlier this week and Wilcox wrote a reply: “Do you have something better … we have the BODY COUNT … what you hot … sheep ..”

The original Facebook post has been taken down, and only an Imgur image of the replies remains. It’s titled “Angela Wilcox, owner of the Florida Creamery in Avondale (Jacksonville, FL) and hateful bigot” and had been viewed nearly 33,000 times by lunchtime Thursday.

In the Facebook exchange, Wilcox assails liberals, ISIS, “the left,” the intellectual elite, Islam and people who don’t sign paychecks, to name a few. She occasionally types in all caps. When people post replies disagreeing with her stances, she calls them a “dumba–.”

Her last post, according to the photo: “You will become more conservative as you age or have kids … bye bye.”

But it wasn’t the end. It didn’t take the Internet long to discover Wilcox’s business online, and dozens used Yelp and Google reviews to voice their displeasure with her rant.

“The ice cream is as bitter and cold as the owner,” Justin T. commented on Wednesday.

“Ice cream is great! A backwards, xenophobic, racist owner is not great!” Riley K. wrote in a review. “Angela Wilcox projects exactly the sort of image that Jacksonville has been trying to shed for decades. Support local business, but not this one.”

A person named M.C. from Sacramento included a public-relations lesson with a Yelp post:

Americans don’t just vote on our ballots, our voices can be heard through the businesses we choose to support. Well, my money won’t be supporting this business ever again. The owner, Angela, must not quite understand how social media works because she thought nothing of making comments espousing bigotry and hate on social media … comments that have now gone viral.

Despite enjoying their ice cream on my recent visit to the Sunshine State, my next trip will exclude a stop to the Florida Creamery on St. John’s Ave.

Jennie Rambo, who posted on Google, came to Wilcox’s defense.

“Yes, the owner made some ill advised comments on her personal facebook account,” the post says. “I’ve gotten to know Angela over the past few years and those comments are one moment and not reflective of the person I know. She’s dedicated to serving a quality product and is very supportive of the Avondale community. We don’t agree on everything, but here’s a tip: If you want to boycott every business in town that doesn’t reflect your opinions, you’re not going to be patronizing 98% of Jacksonville businesses.”

Wilcox could not immediately be reached to comment Thursday. A woman who identified herself as the manager at the Florida Creamery declined to comment.

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