What you should know about the recent events:

Monday, Sept. 19

  • Police capture suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, a U.S. citizen from Afghanistan, in Linden, N.J.
  • Authorities think Rahami is connected with Saturday’s bombings in Chelsea and Seaside Park, N.J.
  • Law enforcement officials tell The Washington Post that Rahami might also be responsible for the backpack containing explosive devices found at a New Jersey train station Sunday.
  • Rahami is shot and taken away in an ambulance. Two officers are shot during the confrontation.
  • Rahami is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs about 200 pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes and brown facial hair, authorities said.
  • The Rahami family has owned and operated a restaurant in New Jersey named First American Fried Chicken since 2002, according to court documents.
  • It is unclear when Rahami lived there or what role — if any — he had in the business.

Sunday, Sept. 18

  • A backpack containing explosive devices is found in Elizabeth, N.J., in the evening.
  • An explosive device detonates as the bomb squad attempts to disarm it. Watch here:
An explosive device detonated as a bomb squad robot attempted to disarm it Sept.18. (Reuters)

Saturday, Sept. 17


  • A pipe bomb explodes during a charity race around 9:35 a.m. in Seaside Park, N.J.
  • The explosion happens shortly before runners are expected to participate in a charity run for Marines and Navy sailors.
  • No one is wounded.


  • An explosion occurs around 8:30 p.m. in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York.
  • Surveillance video shows passersby running to get away from the blast, and investigators say they will comb through that and older footage to try to identify those responsible.
  • At least 29 people are wounded.
  • Separately, in Minnesota, authorities say, Dahir Aden stabs nine people in a Minnesota mall at 8 p.m. Aden, a student at St. Cloud State University, is shot and killed by an off-duty officer. The victims sustain wounds that are not life-threatening.

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