At least seven people were injured early Sunday morning in Myrtle Beach after someone began shooting during a crowded street fight, police said.

The chaotic scene was captured and streamed on Facebook Live by a man staying at a nearby hotel.

Bubba Hinson told the Myrtle Beach Sun News that he was in town for a firefighters’ convention when he spotted a large crowd blocking traffic on the street below his room at the Holiday Sands North hotel.

“I thought they were dancing. That’s why I started filming it,” he told the newspaper. “Then, they started fighting. Then, they started shooting.”

(Warning: The video below contains graphic content and profanity.)

Myrtle Beach police said in a statement that, just after midnight Sunday, a fight broke out on Ocean Boulevard, a major thoroughfare in the seaside South Carolina city.

Before officers arrived, a man in the fight pulled out a gun and shot one person, police spokesman Lt. Joey Crosby said.

An armed security guard who was already on the scene witnessed the disturbance and fired at the shooter, Crosby said. The shooter then hijacked a car and fled — but not before firing additional gunshots at people in the crowd, Crosby said.

The suspect was detained later that morning, police said.

Seven people, including the shooter, were taken to a hospital Sunday with non-life-threatening injuries, police said. Despite reports of an officer down in the live video, Crosby said no officer was injured.

“The security officer did receive a graze wound to the leg,” Crosby said. “The injury did not require him to be transported to the hospital and he received medical attention on scene.”

A police patrol car was also struck during the melee, he added.

Crosby said Monday police were waiting for the suspect to be medically cleared before serving warrants for his arrest and releasing his identity.

For more than 45 minutes Sunday, Hinson filmed the chaos that unfolded in front of him on the streets below his hotel room window. By Monday, his video had been watched more than 4 million times.

The footage captured the fight erupting, as well as a man shooting several rounds at the crowd. At some point in the Facebook video, Hinson zoomed in on a woman who laid motionless on the ground as those around her screamed.

“I would go down there, but I ain’t … ,” Hinson can be heard saying in the recording. “Multiple gun shots, all caught on video.”

Later he added: “My adrenaline is so high I can’t even keep my hands still. … I’m trying to, like, steady my hand, everybody, so you can see what’s going on.”

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