Sandy Hook Promise, a group formed by two parents of children who were killed in the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., released a new public service announcement Monday.

The video seeks to show what happens when people do not speak up about signs that a student might have violent tendencies and possibly harm others at school.

In the video, which looks like a news broadcast, a reporter interviews people about “tomorrow’s shooting,” in which a 15-year-old kills four students and two adults before committing suicide.

One student tells the reporter that the killer had talked about using his father’s gun on students who bullied him. A teacher talks about how she thought something was off with the student. Police say that they were told after the shooting that the shooter put violent messages on social media.

A witness says she would first think that the gunfire was firecrackers. At the end of the video, she sits with her young daughter.

“So how will you explain the shooting to your daughter?” the reporter asks.

“Actually, I won’t get to explain it to her because she won’t make it,” the woman says, looking at the girl.

Thursday is the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings.

The artist Sheryl Crow is also releasing a new song Monday, with all proceeds going to Sandy Hook Promise. The group seeks to stop school violence, and is working with schools in all 50 states.