Porn star Stormy Daniels sued President Trump this week for the right to talk about their alleged affair and his alleged attempts to cover it up. And while it’s not clear that she’ll prevail in that legal fight, it is clear that her appearance in the news has been good for her marketability.

Searches for Daniels’s name are skyrocketing, according to data compiled and analyzed by

In January, after the Wall Street Journal first reported that Daniels had received $130,000 from Trump’s attorney, searches for her name on Pornhub exploded from a daily average of 2,500 to more than 2 million searches over five days.

And each subsequent time Daniels has made headlines for her alleged affair with Trump — when she appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, when Trump attorney Michael Cohen admitted making the $130,000 payment, and most recently when she sued the president — searches for her name have spiked again.

Her fee for appearing at a Las Vegas strip club called Little Darlings in late January was unusually high, manager Ron Nady said. “She was the hottest thing on the planet,” he said. Also in late January, Daniels signed a new contract to direct adult films for Digital Playground.

“I have two choices,” Daniels told Rolling Stone of the Trump scandal. “Sit at home and feel sorry for myself, or make lemonade out of lemons.”

Frances Stead Sellers contributed to this report.